kirstennnnnn (kirstennnnnn) wrote,

Frost Armageddon survivors...


One west side amaryllis with a not so fortunate sibling behind it.  The one I photographed at night actually did wilt in the frost, but most of the buds that remained firmly closed look like they are going to make it.

The south side fared a lot better, protected from the north wind at least that blew my loose fencing down again.  I really should just pay someone to haul all that rotted wood off.

I have one cute little petunia survivor from last year.  I had thought they were annuals when I bought it.  Maybe it will be able to fill out and make more flowers as it gets warmer, especially if it ever starts raining.

I think I lost about half of my aloes.  Not super tragic since they are insanely productive and are taking over all my pots.  It killed the fig tree buds and baby leaves, as well as the wisteria.  I assume the wisteria will bounce back, but I don't know how the freeze will affect later fig production...not that I eat them anyway, but the butterflies and birds enjoy them.  It also short-circuited the azaleas' blooming, so they may not end up as full this year.  I don't think I had any permanent deaths since all but some of the aloes had well established bulbs or roots.


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